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 Advent Daily Reflection:  Advent is a season of coming together. Like Mary & Joseph traveling among the crowds to Bethlehem, we, too, are eagerly anticipating the coming of Christ.  Journey together with other Catholic Christians throughout the diocese as "We Wait in Joyful Hope" by receiving a daily inspirational essage, right to your inbox. Hear the voices of many people who have experienced peace and strength, even when the waiting was long or difficult. Be encouraged by the stories of those who look to the future with joyful hope. To Register visit OurCatholicFaith.com 

A Family Perspective by Bud Ozar: 12/5/2021  Luke 3:1-6  Today's gospel shows John the Baptist and parents have similar vocations. Like the Baptist, parents are asked to make "rough ways smooth" and to "prepare the way of the Lord" for their families. This Advent ask: "Does my like hinder or help my family to know Jesus?"    

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