September 12-18, 2023
Envelopes $ 2,575.00
Loose $ 166.00
Direct Deposit $ 395.00
Insurance $ 373.00
Other $ 637.00
Total $ 4,146.00

Upcoming Collections:   9/24: Holy Family School Subsidy (Annual Assessment is $68,702.00); 10/1: respect Human Life

Financial Blessings!


A Bequest in Your Will, no matter what the amount, can help the parish continue its mission of spreading the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Church He founded and serving God’s people. Everyone should have a will, no matter what your financial circumstances. You need a will to assure that your possessions will be distrib- uted as you desire. When making your bequest, please use the full legal name and address: St. Bartholomew Church 73 East Main Norwich, NY 13815 May God bless you for your thoughtfulness. 


THANK YOU to all who continue to support our Church to help us meet everyday expenses. If you would like to consider an automatic bank pay- ment plan for the regular support to our Church either through your checking or savings account, please contact the office to get more information. You may select deductions from your account on a weekly, bi- weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. An authorization form needs to be completed and can be changed at any time. This option saves time and is a convenient way to give regularly.