Love At Work - Capital Building Campaign For St. Bartholomew Church Restoration Work

Building for our Future as we Honor our Past


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Message from Fr. Ralph and the Trustees

My Dear Parishioners,

Our parish of St. Bartholomew has stood as a home and a beacon of faith for countless people of faith, seeking comfort and strength in Christ Jesus. With that faith and dedication our people built our beautiful parish church where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated, children and adults are reborn in baptism, committed to Christ and the Church in confirmation, married and sent home to God.

For over 90 years the Church of St. Bartholomew has fulfilled its commitment to God’s people. Time and the elements have made it imperative to take a good look at our church and make necessary repairs which will assure that generations to come will find a home of comfort and strength in Christ Jesus like we have and as did our parents and grandparents.

To accomplish this work of love, under the theme “Love at Work” we look to you, God’s faithful people, for financial support to begin and see this work of love to completion. Please read carefully this brochure and with your help assure that our Church of St. Bartholomew will continue to serve generations to come as it does now and did for our ancestors.

Sincerely in Our Lord,

Father Ralph A. Bove


Dear Parishioners and Supporters of St. Bartholomew’s,

For over 90 years St. Bartholomew’s has been an important part of the greater Norwich community. Many of our ancestors gave all that they could to create a beautiful place of worship. Throughout those years our parish has given back to the entire community. We continue to do so with many programs that serve hundreds of people, regardless of their religion. We come to you now because St. Bartholomew’s needs your support and generosity.

We have undertaken a capital campaign with the goal of completing much needed repair of our facilities. Our church remains a beautiful building, but it is in need of some substantial work. We expect to complete the renovations over a five year period. We are asking you to make a financial pledge over that same timeframe. There are a number of levels of giving that are suggested in this brochure. However, any contribution will be greatly appreciated and will be put toward the planned renovations. Please pledge whatever you are capable of giving.

The Trustees and Parish Council of St. Bartholomew’s would like to thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions or if you would like to be involved in our fundraising efforts in any way please feel free to contact one of us. With your help we will ensure that our beloved church thrives for another 90 years and that its members can continue to serve our community.

With Our Sincere Gratitude,

Sal Testani and MaryLou Monahan


GOD IS GIVING US A VERY SPECIAL GIFT He is entrusting us with the honor of preserving the beautiful building and other assets that make up the St. Bartholomew’s Church Community.

Almost 100 years ago God called upon this community’s Italian families to build him a building so beautiful and so worthy of their love of God. Can you imagine what a challenge this must have been? But it was a challenge they accepted and the fruits of their labor and their sacrifices, have been enjoyed by generations of Catholics who have followed in their footsteps.

Now God has given us a new gift and a new opportunity. By participating in the 2015 Capital Campaign you can proudly say “me too”. I will follow in our ancestor’s footsteps to help repair, improve, and preserve St. Bartholomew’s for the next
100 years.

Time has taken its toll and now it’s up to us. Here are just some of the major improvements that must be completed.
1. New Roofs. We must repair and replace the roofs of our church building, the Parish Center, and the former Convent. This work would also include new capstone, flashing, roof tiles, and gutters.
2. Major Church Building Improvements including: repoint exterior and bell tower, relocation of confessionals, new sound system, upgrade interior lighting system, and significant basement improvements including new stairway, elevator access, and bathroom upgrades.
3. Stained Glass window Restoration and Preservation. A major undertaking to one of our church’s greatest assets, our beautiful stained glass windows.


Additional Needs:


  1. Roof Repairs
  2. Stage Curtain Replacement
  3. Replace Front Doors
  4. Add a Handicap Ramp



Church Grounds:
1. Removal of several large trees.


in Campaign Commitments from our parishioners. Your pledges will allow us to realize our vision in completing these much needed projects.

Your financial commitment is a personal decision so we ask that you prayerfully reflect on your ability to give to the campaign. 

 It is our hope that your pledge will enable you to consider a more significant contribution to the campaign rather than a one time gift.


Questions and Answers

Can I contribute to the campaign by simply increasing my regular weekly offering? No, your regular weekly offering is needed to sustain the very large ongoing operational cost of St. Bartholomew’s.

Is my Campaign Contribution tax deductible? Yes, your contribution is 100% tax deductible saving many families a significant amount on the tax amount paid to our state and federal governments.

Can I make other types of donations instead of money? Yes, there are many types of donations that you can make, including stocks, bonds, property, and other tangible assets which may allow you to make a very generous contribution while reducing current and long term tax liabilities.

To donate to St Bartholomew's Capital Campaign - Click on the Donate Now link below



Capital Fund Giving Pledge Form (download PDF Format)