Father Ralph A. Bove Pastor

Due to the recent fire at St. Paul's, all masses will be temporarily held at St. Bartholomew Church.

The Knights of Columbus would like you to join them in reciting the Rosary and The Chaplet of Divine Mercy at St. Paul’s Church on the first Wednesday of every month from 6—7 pm. Let’s pray for healing for our friends, family and the world.

NO confessions will be heard at St. Malachy’s on Wednesday, April 12th from 6-7 PM.

No Masses at St. Bartholomew during the week— Prayer service with communion is offered instead. Mass on Sunday morning at 9 am only for now.

The Altar flowers this weekend are in memory of Anthony “Nouch” Caputo from Susan Caputo and Mary Leigh Thomas

The Norwich Community Soup Kitchen now has the summer off. The doors will reopen in September. Enjoy a safe and happy summer, and we will see you in September!

EVERYDAY STEWARDSHIP - RECOGNIZE GOD IN YOUR ORDINARY MOMENTS We Are Never Alone My children want my help sometimes, and other times, not so much. I remember being a teenager and young adult myself. At times, I thought I knew everything. I didn’t need help because I was just so darn smart. Truth is, I needed to find my own way. I needed to stretch my wings and prove to myself and my family I could fly. I assume that is what is happening with my own children as well. It just seems so different now that I’m the parent. Human beings need help. We need community, and we need to rely on one another. At Pentecost, we reflect on Jesus sending to the Church a helper, the Holy Spirit. God interacting with us in this manner means we are never truly alone. We focus most of the time on the Spirit of God as the assistance we need, and we do need Him for sure. However, since it is that very same Spirit that turned us into “Church” from a band of people looking to carry on after Jesus’ ascension, at Pentecost we gained more than divine help: we gained each other. Today, the Church needs help in a profound way. We need to lean on the Holy Spirit to blow through the Church with a profound renewal. But we cannot forget that we have been given each other to lean on as well. We are a gift to each other, and together with the Spirit’s help, we are the Body of Christ here on earth. We must be strong and stand for one another. If we do that, this Pentecost will bear fruit that will be with us for many Pentecosts to come. —Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS ©LPi

A Family Perspective by Bud Ozar May 28, 2023 Pentecost Sunday Like the disciples in today’s gospel, there are times we shut the doors of our hearts to people or events. It’s how we create emotional distance. Permanent distancing is lethal and prevents the PEACE Jesus offers you today.

May 29, 2023 Memorial Day Our decisions create our style of living and also what kind of person we are. That’s the awesome power of free will. As we celebrate Memorial Day, it is a good time to ask ourselves; “How do I want to be remembered?” The power is in your hands, or rather in your decisions.

Welcome Fr. Tony Matthews who is with us from India to assist Fr. Ralph at St. Bartholomew and St. Paul Parishes! Thank you for being with us, Fr. Tony!

Happy Anniversary, Fr. Ralph! God bless you for your 45 years of devoted service!


Dispensation from Sunday Mass is discontinued. See Announcements for more information.

Norwich Soup Kitchen Is up and ready to serve! See Announcements for more.    



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May 17 - Parish Council, 6pm
May 18 - The Ascension of the Lord (Holy Day of Obligation)
May 21 - First Holy Communion
May 25 - Confirmation

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