Father Ralph A. Bove Pastor

Please keep Fr. Ralph in your prayers for continued healing as he recovers from surgery.

 Weekday Masses at St. Malachy’s are Tuesday at 8:30 am and Fridays at Noon followed by adoration. Confessions at St. Malachy’s are Wednesday, 6-7 pm and Saturday, 4:15—4:40 pm.

“America, your very future as a nation depends on your willingness to protect the Right to Life of the most defenseless in your society.”   Pope John Paul II  

October 2, 2022 A Family Perspective by Bud Ozar Twenty-Seventh Sunday (Luke 17:5-10) Faith is one of those things we just can’t get enough of! In today’s gospel the apostles asked Jesus to “Increase our faith.” It is faith in ourselves, our spouse, our children and our parents which equips us to over- look annoyances, helps us to forgive and urges us to ask forgiveness. “Lord, increase our faith!”

Altar flowers this weekend are in Memory of all Members Living and Deceased of The Ave Maria/Rosary Society and The Bread and Wine and sanctuary lamp are offered this week for all Members Living and Deceased of The Ave Maria/Rosary Society by Frank & Anna Cordaro

Dispensation from Sunday Mass is discontinued. See Announcements for more information.

Norwich Soup Kitchen Is up and ready to serve! See Announcements for more.   



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Syracuse Catholic Women’s Conference, October 15th

Saturday Masses resume at St. Bartholomew on October 1st at 4PM. Comfessions will be heard from 3:15-3:45.  

Pet Blessing October 1st

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