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The Knights of Columbus would like you to join them in reciting the Rosary and The Chaplet of Divine Mercy at St. Paul’s Church on the first Wednesday of every month from 6—7 pm. Let’s pray for healing for our friends, family and the world.

The Most Holy Trinity May 26, 2024 “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.” How can you evangelize others and share in God’s glory? Maybe as a priest or religious brother or sis- ter? Reach out to the Vocation Office via email: vocations@syrdio.org and follow us on Instagram @vocationssyracuse.

Memorial Day May 27, 2024 Our decisions create our style of living and also what kind of person we are. That’s the awesome power of free will. As we celebrate Memorial Day, it is a good time to ask ourselves; “How do I want to be remembered?” The power is in your hands, or rather in your decisions.

A Family Perspective by Bud Ozar May 26, 2024 HolyTrinity Sunday In today’s gospel Jesus commands, “Teach them to carry out everything I have commanded you.” This command is meant for every Christian. In light of this command, parenting is not only the most difficult task a person can take on, it is also one of the most apostolic and missionary tasks. Jesus commands all parents to teach their children “all that I have commanded you.”

The Parish Office will be closed for Memorial Day, Monday May 27.

Parish Council Meeting is on May 29th at 6PM in the conference room of the parish center, 81 E. Main St. All registered parishioners are invited to attend!

Everyday Stewardship God doesn’t take a break An acquaintance who works in church ministry once told me a story about one of the students she had in Faith Formation. This student informed my friend that his family doesn’t come to Mass in summer, “God takes a break in summer, and so do we,” he said. There’s a lot to unpack here. First, it’s tragic to think of anyone vol- untarily missing out on the Eucharist for so long. It’s also a real problem in the church today that a lot of our folks don’t understand the beauty of the Sunday obligation. But if I had to dissect this situa- tion and pinpoint the thing I find most troubling, it’s the idea of God taking a break. I hope it’s starting to look like summer where you are. We’ve still got a few weeks left before it’s official, but the school year should be winding up most kids, the birds should be chirping a little louder, and hopefully your lawn is starting to green up nicely. You’re proba- bly day dreaming about the annual cabin getaway weekend or water- skiing on the Fourth of July. All in all, summer is going to be a nice break, even if—like typical Americans— our break is full of productive work. Thank God— literally — that He doesn’t take a break, even if we do. Can we try to remember that, even in the midst of our many wonderful distractions? Let’s enjoy this summer. Let’s live it to the full. But let’s see it for the gift that it is— and remember the thanks we owe the Giver. Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS LPi




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