Father Ralph A. Bove Pastor

4PM Saturday Mass begins again at St. Bartholomew on Saturday October 7th

The Knights of Columbus would like you to join them in reciting the Rosary and The Chaplet of Divine Mercy at St. Paul’s Church on the first Wednesday of every month from 6—7 pm. Let’s pray for healing for our friends, family and the world.

“To smile at someone who is sad; to visit, even for a little while, someone who is lonely; to give someone shelter from the rain with our umbrella; to read something for someone who is blind: these and others can be small things, very small things, but they are appropriate to give our love of God concrete expression to the poor.” Quote from Mother Teresa

Altar Flowers are In Memory of Lawrence and Mary Loscavio Pires and deceased members of St. Bartholomew’s Parish by Richard and Margaret Pires Newell Flowers in front of the Blessed Mother are In Memory of Jim and Angie Mirabito and Frances Sidoti by The Testani Family Flowers in front of Saint Joseph are In Memory of Camilla and Louis Leggiero by Jim and Maria Matott

A Family Perspective by Bud Ozar November 12, 2023 The bridesmaids in today’s gospel were considered “foolish” because they let their lamps go out. Don’t be foolish. Pay attention to the small acts necessary to keep the flame alive in all your relationships.

EVERYDAY STEWARDSHIP - RECOGNIZE GOD IN YOUR ORDINARY MOMENTS: In Our Midst One day my son came downstairs in our house and went into the kitchen to get himself a bowl of cereal. He had no idea I was in the front room quietly reading something on my smartphone. He poured his milk and reached to grab a spoon. At that moment, I simply said, “Hello.” Startled, he jumped back from the silverware drawer and let out a scream. He would tell this story differently, but it certainly was a scream. He clutched his chest as if he had just seen a ghost. All I wanted to do was say hello. We have all been startled by someone when we thought we were all alone. Sometimes that person in our midst was simply quiet and hidden from our view. Other times, we simply have our head and mind in the clouds to the point we are ignoring the fact we are not alone. At times that person we don’t see is Jesus. He might seem quieter some days, but he should never be hidden from our view. He is always there with us, in others, and sharing our everyday moments. When we fail to see him in our midst, it is easy to act in ways we wouldn’t if we saw him directly in front of us. We become less giv- ing and more self-centered. No one wants to be surprised one day when suddenly they realize they were not alone, especially if the one who startles us is our God. — Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS ©LPi




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